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  • Digital Multimeters

    A convenient measuring instrument that allows by itself the measurement of DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current and resistance. In addition to these basic measuring functions, most models are provided with features such as diode test function and continuity buzzer.

  • Analog Multitesters

    Analog multitesters basically make measurments of DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current and resistance.

  • Clamp Meter

    A convenient measuring instruments that allow the measurement of current simply by clamping a wire while being energized without cutting a circuit. In addition to its simple operation, it allows safe measurement of higher current since it is not directly connected to the circuit.

  • Insulation Testers

    The measurement of insulation resistance is performed to check the insulation status of electric equipments and circuits, which consitutes one of the important measuring items for safety control.

  • Earth Testers
  • Environmental Meters

    The illuminance meter indicates, by values in the unit of LUX, how much light shines on each place. It is used for the purpose of assuring appropriate illumination suitable for every environment.

  • Detectors
  • Tachometers

    This instrument is a non-contact, handheld type digital tachometer designed for measuring the rotation speeds of rotating objects such as motors and fans.

  • LCR meter